Speed Cleaning Special MasterMind Group

Debbie is hosting a special six month only Speed Cleaning MasterMind Group Exclusive to help you implement all the concepts you learned at the conference!  That’s right, we will meet by phone twice a month for six months to help you implement, answer questions, and help you navigate any challenges.  You’ll have a chance to share your milestones and victories and ask your questions live for instant help!

Here are the benefits of our MasterMind Group:

  • We will meet at 4:00 CDT on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday a month
  • First call will be July 12, then July 26
  • Every call is recorded, so you can listen to the replay on missed calls.
  • This MasterMind Group is for six months ONLY!  Join now or be left out!

Join the MasterMind:

  • If you are joining the CBF Club, then you’ll get to join this mastermind group for at no charge!  Just register and use coupon code:  CBFNOW   Please do NOT use this coupon code if you are not joining the CBF Club.
  • If you are not joining the CBF Club, please feel free to click the link and pay so you can be included in the MasterMind Group but do NOT use the coupon code (honor system)!
  • Price for non-CBF:  $497 (or three payments of $185 each)


  • YES I filled out the CBF Application at the conference and as a new CBF Member, I wan this BONUS for free!  DEBBIE will register you when you join CBF
  • YES I want to be in this MasterMind Group even though I won’t be joining the CBF Club as a member!     CLICK TO REGISTER & PAY    OR      CLICK TO SET UP 3 EZ PAYMENTS

Our first kick off call is July 12, 2018 at 4:00 CDT (5:00 EST, 2:00 PT).  You will be notified by email with dial in instructions for the calls.