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Information you provide: When you sign up for an online account, or other service provided by The Clean Team that requires submission of your name, email address or other private information, this information not shared and is kept private with the exclusion of certain services, such as registration as a professional cleaner as defined below.
Professional Cleaners Registration: To register as a Pro Cleaner with The Clean Team you must be a professional cleaner. The Clean Team reserves the right to check the validation of your claims and to deny registration at any time. This type of registration with our site places your information in our Pro Cleaner referral database when customers searching for a professional cleaner in their area can access your business name and phone number through a zip code or related search criteria. By registering as a “Professional Cleaner” with the Clean Team you agree to these terms and conditions.
Customer Registration: The Clean Team reserves the right to suspend an account or to deny resgistration at any time without notice.
 Security & Privacy: When making a purchase online we require a credit card for payment which we maintain in encrypted form on secure servers. We do not share this information with anyone. For security purposes and your protection, your credit card must match the billing address provided on your online order form. In case of a mismatch, we will contact you for the correct billing address and zip code. This is a necessary procedure in order to ship your items.
 Special Services Disclaimer: The Clean Team offers a free exchange referral service with professional cleaners who shop our site. The Clean Team is not affiliated with and does not endorse any cleaning company or individual recommended through this referral service. This is a complimentary program we offer our customers (both cleaning professionals and private citizens alike) in an effort to link homeowners with cleaning services that may use our methods and products. It is solely up to the homeowner to investigate a company’s references, bonding, insurance and licensing. The Clean Team is not liable for any damage, theft, loss or injury (bodily or property) that may be a result of a cleaning company or individual referred through this service.
 Terms of Use: The Clean Team offers a free cleaning question and answer service, referred to as “Ask Jeff” This is for informational purposes only. Any damage caused to an item following the advice of “Ask Jeff” or the advice of any Clean Team staff member is not the responsibility of The Clean Team. The information dispensed by our staff experts are for educational and entertainment purposes only. The application of our cleaning advice is done at the customer’s personal discretion and places no liability to The Clean Team or The Clean Team staff. It is assumed that all information provided in a question is accurate and gives all the details needed in order to dispense helpful, credible cleaning advice. It is assumed that solutions will be tested prior to full application in order to preserve the integrity of the item being cleaned. We do not advise the cleaning of antiques, delicates or items otherwise irreplaceable. Our advice is not meant to replace a professional when the situation clearly calls for one. By submitting a question to “Ask Jeff” or to any expert staff member at The Clean Team you acknowledge these terms of use and release The Clean Team of any liability.
No part of this site may be replicated, duplicated or used with out the prior permission of Jeff Campbell and The Clean Team.