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We know that you need us now more than ever because a clean home isn’t just a happy home — it’s a safer, healthier home too. We are open for business and have plenty of cleaning supplies available for shipping and local curbside pickup (in the DFW Metroplex).


The Speed Cleaning Blog

Can Husbands Help with Housework?

CLEANING EXPERT HAS SCHEME TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. Jeff Campbell, America’s Home Cleaning Expert, has a way to get husbands and wives working together on the housework. It’s called, “Speed Cleaning.” Speed Cleaning is a systematic, step-by-step approach developed by Campbell that he says increases efficiency and […]

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Clutter Control For Kids???

Do your children have trouble keeping their rooms clean? Sounds like a stupid question because chances are, if they are like millions of kids across the country, the answer is an unqualified “YES!” Although kids themselves are great at coming up with excuses for not keeping their […]

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Attention Spring Cleaners… Streak-Free Window Cleaning Made Easy

Nothing brightens and improves the appearance of a room in spring like clean windows. (It does wonders for your disposition as well.) One reason most people avoid cleaning them is that they just never learned the right way to go about it. Put away those paper towels, […]

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Cleaning Historical Landmarks The Clean Team Way

Homes aren’t the only places people are taking advantage of Jeff’s time-saving techniques and products. Bed and breakfast inns throughout the country have been enthusiastic supporters of Speed Cleaning for years. In fact, Jeff is a frequent guest speaker at this industry’s many gatherings and events. Cleaning […]

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