Free Housecleaning Referral Service

Receive a FREE Referral to a Professional Housecleaning Service in your area.The Clean Team is here to help you find professional housecleaning help, though our free housecleaning referral service. Just call us at 1-800-717-CLEAN (1-800-717-2532) and we’ll provide free referrals to housecleaning professionals in your area who use safe Clean Team cleaning products.

How does our free housecleaning referral service work? The Clean Team’s Professional House Cleaner customers provide us with the zip codes of the areas in which they work and we keep that information on record; when someone calls us asking for housecleaning services in their area that use Clean Team products, we check our database and provide the caller with the names and numbers of professionals in that area.

Why does The Clean Team provide these free referrals? Jeff Campbell, founder of The Clean Team, responds, “If you asked a franchise for a cleaning recommendation, they would understandably recommend one of their franchises. Because our professional customers include single-person operations, larger operations, franchises, and more (none of whom work for us), callers get an unbiased referral based on the fact that we know these cleaning professionals are using quality cleaning products.”

Would you like to receive a free referral to a Cleaning Professional in your area? If so, please fill-out the form below and we’ll respond within 24-hours of receipt (weekends and holidays excepted, of course). Or just call us at 1-800-717-CLEAN (1-800-717-2532).