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Unclutter In Time For The Holidays! Rule #3

The holidays are fast approaching. Have you begun uncluttering your home with rules number one and two? If not, take a minute and read about Rule #1 and Rule #2 to get caught up. The goal: a beautiful, clean, uncluttered home by the holidays!   Rule #3 […]

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Holiday Clutter Control: Rule #2

Last time we began our series on uncluttering your home in time for the holidays. We gave you rule number one: When in doubt, throw it out. Hopefully you have begun a little (or a lot) of throwing things out since then, and are now ready for […]

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Can Husbands Help with Housework?

CLEANING EXPERT HAS SCHEME TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. Jeff Campbell, America’s Home Cleaning Expert, has a way to get husbands and wives working together on the housework. It’s called, “Speed Cleaning.” Speed Cleaning is a systematic, step-by-step approach developed by Campbell that he says increases efficiency and […]

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