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Humorous pearls of wisdom from Jeff Campbell and The Clean Team

Mark Twain said that humor is mankind’s greatest blessing. A sense of humor can help to relieve some of the stress when faced with life’s bigger hurdles, and it can also make the most mundane tasks less tedious. Coming across the quips in Jeff Campbell and The […]

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A Few “Don’ts” That Will Cut Out Cleaning Time

When you are cleaning, it is best to avoid unnecessary tasks, and in turn, save yourself some time. We have a few things that will save you time and energy when tackling your cleaning tasks. 1. If it isn’t dirty, don’t clean it. This rule isn’t as […]

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Using The Right Tools For Housecleaning

Housecleaning, as an activity, has the unfortunate distinction of having accumulated more gadgets than tools. Maybe it’s because it isn’t esteemed enough to merit the distinction of its own tools. Baloney! Anything that takes this much time needs its own tools. Any other task that is taken […]

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Getting The House Ready For Weekly Cleaning

Ever since we told people in Speed Cleaning that our teams can clean a typical house in 42 minutes, we’ve received letters from readers about how to prepare a house before Speed Cleaning it. For example: “We’ve moved into a country home that I don’t think has been cleaned […]

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Speed Cleaning Your Shower Curtain

Need a good suggestion for speed-cleaning a shower curtain? We have a couple of good ones. (1) Put the shower curtain in the washing machine. Throw in a couple of towels, and use warm water. Remove it before the spin cycle. (It won’t be hurt if it […]

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