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Your Holiday Decorations: Tips for Cleaning and Storing – Part 2

Your Holiday Decorations:  Tips for Cleaning and Storing - Part 2

In last week’s Part 1 post, we shared tips for thinning out your holiday decorations and cleaning the more delicate pieces that you want to keep or donate. This week we’ll share tips for cleaning less delicate items and also throw in a few “Hey, now that’s […]

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Speed Cleaning Shares Tricks to Getting Makeup Out of Fabric and Carpet

Is this the way it goes at your house on Halloween? You send your ghouls out the door all suited up in their costumes and faces full of makeup, looking awesome. But they return with half of the meticulously applied makeup on the sleeves, collar, and for […]

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New Year’s Resolution: Get Organized!

The first step to getting your home organized is to de-clutter. It is essential! Ask a dozen people what drives them crazy around their house – besides their spouse, of course – and chances are most will mention clutter high on the list. If it’s not a […]

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90 Day Plan To Spring Cleaning

Part One  Part Two Kick off the New Year with a three-month plan to clean and organize room by room.   With this weekly plan for cleaning, de-cluttering, and organizing you’ll have a home you love and can enjoy by spring! When you work in small weekly, bite-sized […]

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The Speed Cleaning Rules

December seems to be just about the busiest month of the year, understandably. There are presents to buy, Christmas programs to attend, and all kinds of end-of-the-year festivities going on. So what is the thing that gets pushed aside usually? Cleaning your home, of course! It just […]

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