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Holiday Clutter Control: Rule #2

Last time we began our series on uncluttering your home in time for the holidays. We gave you rule number one: When in doubt, throw it out. Hopefully you have begun a little (or a lot) of throwing things out since then, and are now ready for […]

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Get Clutter Under Control In Time For The Holidays

Clutter. It drives us all crazy, but we all end up accumulating it. Most of us can relate to the consequences of clutter.  You can’t find things, you can’t even think about starting to clean the house.   Your living space is uncomfortable or depressing, and the […]

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Clutter Control For Kids???

Do your children have trouble keeping their rooms clean? Sounds like a stupid question because chances are, if they are like millions of kids across the country, the answer is an unqualified “YES!” Although kids themselves are great at coming up with excuses for not keeping their […]

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