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How To Clean Delicate Holiday Decorations and Keepsakes – Part 1

How To Clean Delicate Holiday Decorations and Keepsakes - Part 1

As you unpack and repack your holiday decorations each year, you may notice that some of the items are looking tired and not so merry. Most of us have some items that we never actually display anymore because of how they look, yet we can’t bear to […]

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Explosion in the kitchen? Or did you just make dinner?

How to prepare a meal without leaving a wake of destruction behind As you may know, the Speed Cleaning rules of cleaning a room begin with assessing what you’ll need to do the job, gathering the correct supplies before you start, and systematically working around the room […]

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New School Year + Busy Adults = Entryway Dump Site

3 Easy Organizing Tips to keep your entryway presentable Backpacks and jackets and shoes, oh my! Shall we continue? Keys, mail, the dog’s leash, more shoes. There’s something about the start of school each fall that puts organization into a tail spin, and it’s immediately evident at […]

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House for Sale? A Daily Chores Checklist to keep it looking its best

Selling your house is exciting! But . . . keeping it in tip-top, showcase-ready shape is exhausting! We can probably thank HGTV and the like for setting unrealistic expectations when it comes to a real lived-in home. We talked in previous blog posts about Boosting Your Home’s […]

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How To Boost Your Home’s Appeal

Easy ways to make a home look better and increase in value Reality TV shows on decorating and staging a home have raised the bar for what we expect when viewing a home that’s listed for sale.  With only one chance to make a first impression, you […]

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