Get A Head Start On Your Spring Cleaning

Jeff Campbell's Spring Cleaning

Yes, I know, it’s still only March 1 and it has been a wild and crazy winter, but here in Texas it’s practically spring already! Many of us, burdened with the time pressures of working, commuting, and trying to hold a household together, barely seem to have time to butter the toast in the morning, let alone strip the floors. Presuming you can find the time, how do you start? And will there be anything left of the weekend if you do? Our book, Spring Cleaning, offers relief on both accounts.

Spring Cleaning addresses two major types of housecleaning:

1. Spring Cleaning: Tasks that need to be done once or twice a year – cleaning windows, walls, rugs, etc. We will show you how to do major housecleaning tasks the smart and fast way on your first attempt. And to do them right so you won’t have to repeat them for the longest time possible. Our method also makes the jobs less frustrating and more rewarding.

2. Heavy (catch-up) cleaning. Tasks that you have to do to be able to start routine cleaning. These include tasks you don’t do every time you clean but that you can’t ignore forever. It is for all those who, despite their best intentions, are always falling behind or just never get started. Not that we blame you. We all know what’s lurking behind the refrigerator and under the sofa cushions, but we also know it’s not going to go away by itself. Many households need a thorough cleaning before a rational person would even attempt weekly or maintenance cleaning. There’s little point in cleaning just the top layer of crud over and over; the unexcavated layers are still there.

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