New Product! Bathroom Shower Squeegee

Speed Cleaning is proud to announce the all new Bathroom Shower Squeegee!  This lightweight 10” rubber blade squeegee is designed to remove water and soap residue from walls, tiles, mirrors and other flat bathroom fixtures, helping keep your shower cleaner for longer.

Using A Shower Squeegee Can Keep Your Shower Looking Fresh!

Water marks and soap scum, do they sound familiar? Almost every bathroom known to man will have serious issues with both, and we often overlook how to get rid of them in favor of deep cleaning only when someone comes over. After all, what you can’t see won’t hurt, right? Of course, tackling grime is painful work, even with the myriad ways available online through tips and tricks.

Fortunately, there’s something you can do on a regular basis that won’t just make your life easier, but prolong the amount of time you can let cleanings go. Sure, it won’t serve as a cure-all, but it can help!

All you need is a squeegee.

Squeegeeing your shower walls and the door ultimately removes those vicious little water spots responsible for soap scum buildup. It won’t eliminate the need to deep clean, but it will prolong the time you can spend not cleaning. Use with Speed Cleaning Scum Bum for the ultimate clean every time!

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