How to Speed Clean a Stinky Dog Bed

Did you know that approximately 38 percent of American households have pet dogs? Dogs make fantastic pets because they are loyal, they love to play, and they pick you up when you are feeling down.

If you have a pet dog, you love and cherish them, but you also know that sometimes they smell bad. If your dog plays in the rain and then lays down on their dog bed, they will have a smelly dog bed.

Are you wondering how to clean a dog bed? If so, keep reading to learn how to clean a dirty dog bed.

Vacuum the Dog Bed

One of the first steps to cleaning a pet bed is to vacuum the bed. If you have a hairy dog, remove as much dog hair as possible before washing the bed. Wet hair will stick to the dog bed, making it difficult to remove while washing.

We recommend the Clarke Saltix 10 HEPA Vacuum VP300 with the Turbo Brush Furniture Vacuum Attachment for best results. You should vacuum your dog bed regularly to remove hair.

Wash the Bed Cover

Once you have vacuumed the dog bed, the next step is to wash the bed cover. You can choose to put the bed cover in your washing machine or take it to the laundry mat if it is really smelly.

Be sure to read the washing directions on the tag, and don’t wash the cover with any other laundry. Use a detergent that is safe for pets.

Remove Stains

While the bed cover is in the washing machine, you can work on removing stains. Washing isn’t always enough to remove stains, so use the Speed Cleaning™ Pet “OOPS” on the bed before washing and let it sit.

Make sure the stained dog bed is inaccessible to your dog while you are waiting for the stains to come out. Though per safe, you still don’t want your dog to be around stain remover.

Wash the Bed

Once the stain remover has sat on the bed for a while, it is time to wash the bed. If the dog bed is small enough, you can wash it in your washing machine or at the laundry mat.

If you have a large dog bed, you may have to wash it in the tub. Be sure to use pet-safe detergent on the dog bed as well as the cover or use Speed Cleaning™ Red Juice Concentrate

diluted in the water. If your dog has fleas or other household pests, wash the bed in hot water.

Let the Bed Dry

The last step to cleaning a dog bed is to let the bed dry. If the dog bed and cover fit in the dryer, you can let it tumble dry for 20 to 30 minutes.

After that, hang up the dog bed so that it can continue to dry. If you don’t let the bed dry all the way, you may have mold issues.

Are You Ready to Clean a Dog Bed?

While dogs are adorable and loving pets, they can stink. If your dog is stinky, or you don’t wash the dog bed often, the bed will stink. For a stinky dog bed, follow these directions to quickly eliminate dog bed odors.


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