How to get your home “Romance Ready” for Valentine’s Day

With all the pressures of the hectic work week, it’s hard to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Sunday. Because it’s not convenient to go out to dinner on a “work night”, we thought you’d enjoy some tips from Speed Cleaning expert, Debbie Sardone, on how to get your home ready for romance in mere minutes.
  1. Pick up the clutter.  There is no greater mood killer than to walk in from work and trip over toys, paperwork, books, and backpacks.  Grab a laundry basket and pick up all the clutter that’s laying around, then have the kids help put things away. Get all the dirty dishes loaded into the dishwasher and out of sight.
  2. Touch up kitchen counters and floors. Just a quick wipe down with Red Juice and a light touch up of floors with the Sh-mop will make the whole room look like you really worked hard to impress!
  3. Delight the senses. Turn down harsh lighting and put on soft music like “therapeutic massage music” on Pandora or Amazon Music.
  4. Light some vanilla candles or, even better, have the meal’s onions and garlic cooking on the stove to set the tone that dinner will be served SOON!
  5. The bedroom should be the most romantic room in the house, not reminder that there are tons of chores to get done!  Gather up the laundry, clear wet towels from the bathroom, put away shoes and clutter. Make the bed and throw those pretty pillows on the bed, too.  The bedroom should be a stress-free oasis, not a catch-all for chores. Have fresh flowers on the dresser or end table and chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne sitting on a tray. Have a little private HAPPY HOUR before dinner.
Everything can be done in 30 to 45 minutes and the mood will be set for when he or she walks in the door!

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