Cleaning tips for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so we’ve got some holiday-specific guidelines for cleaning. You might be expecting to receive flowers, which means it’s time to dust off your crystal vase to get ready to display them.

These tips apply to any type of crystal display pieces, like vases, bowls, and sculptures.

  1. Don’t forget a surface protector for the crystal to sit on top of. These protect the underneath surface as well as the piece itself. Use self-adhesive felt pads.
  2. Wash by hand only. For smaller pieces, use a rubber mat in the sink. Since diamonds cut glass, remove any diamond rings you may be wearing. Use warm water and regular dish soap. Don’t lift pieces out of the water to wash them. Wash under water where if you drop it, it probably won’t break.
  3. Dry by hand with a clean cotton towel. Clean larger pieces with a cleaning cloth and Blue Juice. Spray the cloth and wipe the piece clean and dry. Use both hands when moving or using crystal.
  4. Change the water every other day in small-necked vases, and every day in large-necked vases or bowls of flowers. Remove lines left by evaporated water with a solution of half water and half white vinegar. Fill the vase with the solution past the lines and allow it to sit for several hours or overnight. Use a bottle brush to agitate, discard the solution, and wash normally.
  5. Heat or cold can crack crystal. Don’t let candles burn too low in a crystal candle holder. Pre-fill a crystal ice bucket with cold water. It’s best to avoid refrigerating or microwaving crystal pieces.

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