Can Mopping Really Be Fun?!?

My Sh-Mop and COVID-19 Story

by Deborah Almas, Speed Cleaning Customer Service Manager

My husband has been home while I’ve stayed working during the pandemic (Speed Cleaning is busier than ever!).  He has really been helping out more around the house.  NICE!

One day recently, I was about to leave for work when he asked, “How does that Sh-Mop thing work?”  I realized I was going to be running a little late, but IT MIGHT BE WORTH IT!  I grabbed the Sh-Mop, Sh-Wipes, Sh-Clean floor cleaner and explained how it all worked.

My husband later called me at work and said, “I LOVE that mop!  Everyone should own a Sh-Mop!”  I came home to a perfectly clean kitchen!  I guess mopping was so easy he decided to clean the entire kitchen.  Thank you, Sh-Mop!Sh-Mop

Get Your Sh-Mop Today!

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  1. wow. this looks like it makes mopping much easier. I should give it a try.

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