Keep Creepy Cobwebs Away

We can’t believe it’s already October! That means the air is becoming crisp, the days are getting shorter, and you’ve got a few weeks to get your Halloween costumes and decorations sorted out. But before you jump in and start stringing up your pumpkin, ghost, and spider web decorations, take the time to get rid of any legitimate cobwebs that might be lurking in your home.

Why are there cobwebs inside in the first place? Spiders roam around and when they stumble into your house via any tiny gaps in walls or windows, they do what they do best—spin webs. If they aren’t successful in catching any food, they generally find their way outside again where they have better luck with insects. But they leave behind their sticky web, which grabs any dust or dirt or pet hair that floats by.

The best way to keep these creepy cobwebs away is to dust every week if you can. Work your way from top to bottom using our Foam Handled Extension Versa Pole so you can hit the upper corners of your ceiling where you’re most likely to encounter any cobwebs. 

Window blinds and other window treatments are another area where spiders love to build webs. Attack these areas with our hand washable Speed Cleaning™ Flexible Microfiber Duster which can bend and shape itself to the blinds to best remove the dust.

For other areas around your home, use the Speed Cleaning™ 18″ Premium Ostrich Feather Duster to wipe away any dust. Be sure you bring the duster to a full stop at the end of your dusting motion, then tap the duster against your ankle to drop the dust to the floor before you keep dusting. As a final step, vacuum the floor to prevent dust and dirt from recirculating and getting caught in any tiny webs.

Another way to prevent cobwebs is to stay on top of your clutter. By keeping piles of clutter in your house, it gives spiders a spot for them to set up their own homes. Be sure everything you take out to use gets put back in its place when you’re done with it so your clutter is minimized.

  1. Regarding spiders and keeping piles of clutter at bay, I have a personal experience story. My desk had morphed into a disaster of stacks of paper that had not been filed away. One day while I was at the computer a HUGE, hairy spider crawled out from under the pile next me. I have no idea how it got all the way inside and onto my desk, but it was certainly motivation to clean up and organize the mess…

  2. i clean a house that has 25 white, wooden, 2 inch slat, window blinds. i dust them with a swiffer every two weeks. that basically keeps the dust from getting horrible but there is always a layer of dust on them. it takes a long time to just swiffer 25 blinds and i’m not talking each slat either. can you suggest a better way of doing this job? i’m a house cleaner but blinds bedevil me. dust is sticky and really only liquid will remove it well. doing each slat is very time consuming. ultrasonic cleaning is the best method i know but that service is hard to find.

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