Eco-friendly guide to detoxify your home for Earth Day

We are committed to helping you have a healthy, clean home and believe that green cleaning is a big help to achieving that goal. In honor of Earth Day, we’ve collected the best tips to help you detoxify your home. These include specific recommendations about what types of plants to purchase to help filter your indoor air, reminders to take your shoes off indoors, and suggestions about eco-friendly cleaning products you can buy.

Indoor plants improve air quality

Plants not only spruce up a room’s decor, but they can also improve the air quality inside your home. One of your best resources for ridding your home of harmful toxins like formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide are plants like the Bamboo Palm, the Philodendron, and the Rubber Plant. For a toxin-free home, find a good air-supplying plant and place it inside your home; it cleans indoor air and adds beautiful green scenery to your house.

Shoes off

One of the quickest and most effective changes you can make to impact the cleanliness of your home is to stop bringing the outside in with you. Drop your shoes off at the door and leave the toxins outside. Experts suggest not to wear shoes in the house, since most household dirt, pesticides, and lead comes in on your shoes. Go barefoot or wear socks or slippers inside.

Shop smart, buy green cleaners

Start making smarter, greener purchasing decisions by supporting brands like us that offer a green cleaning solution right off the shelf. You can start small; for example, when it’s time to buy a new all-purpose spray, order our eco-friendly Speed Cleaning™ Red Juice. Every time you find something new on your shopping list, spend a bit of extra time making sure the item —no matter how big or small—respects your goals for a toxin-free home.

Exchange all your conventional chemical cleaners one room at a time to make it manageable (kitchen, bathroom, laundry, etc.). You can often find one or two non-toxic products (like our Red Juice or Speed Cleaning™ Blue Juice) that will do the work of several different conventional products, which will save you money and shopping time, too.

Stay away from antiseptic or antibacterial products

Germs are not our #1 enemy… creating antibiotic-resistant bacteria with the over-proliferation of antibacterial products is! Cleaning experts suggest that we stop worrying about germs so much. Our obsession with germs has driven us to use all kinds of “antiseptic” cleansers that, instead of making us healthier, may actually be weakening our ability to fight germs. Skip commercial cleansers that say they are antiseptic or antibacterial. You can clean up pretty much everything in your house with hot soapy water, any of our cleaners (like Speed Cleaning™ Red Juice, Speed Cleaning™ Blue Juice, Speed Cleaning™ Scum Bum), and one of our Speed Cleaning™ Pads.

Green your bedroom

We spend a third of our life sleeping, so it’s important to make sure that the room you’re catching your ZZZ’s in is detoxified. To rid your bedroom of environmental toxins, choose a natural mattress, ensure paint is non-toxic, and choose natural furniture that doesn’t off-gas fumes. Remove scented candles, plug-ins, and sprays that are adding chemicals into the air. Finally, add a houseplant to help purify the air naturally.

We hope these tips help you on your way this Earth Day to creating a healthier environment inside your home.

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