A Valentine’s Day Love Story: How I Fell In Love With My Home Again

My New Year’s resolutions got forgotten a few weeks ago and my home is starting to return to its natural state of disorder. Piles of clothes are stacked all over the house, and I suspect some stacks contain both clean and dirty items. Jackets, boots, and unmatched gloves are scattered throughout the entryway. A massive pile of things I wanted to donate to Goodwill is by the door gathering dust and spilling into the general living area.

In short, my house is a mess. But I decided to give myself an early Valentine’s Day gift and spruce it up, making it a home I adore and am proud of. Here are my tips for how I fell in love with my home again by cleaning it from top to bottom.


I got almost to the finish line with this one, but that doesn’t really count until the bags are at the donation center. I lost steam after going through all the closets and cupboards and neglected to do the most important part—actually getting rid of the stuff! But after binge-watching Marie Kondo’s Netflix show, I’m even more amped to simplify my life and have just loaded all the give-away items into the car. Next stop: Goodwill!

Once you’ve done a basic layer of decluttering, treat yourself to walking around your home and enjoying the lightened load of less stuff. It’s strange, but just the simple fact of not seeing all that clutter makes you feel better, even if it’s a junk drawer that used to be crammed full that remains closed but you know that its contents are much more manageable.

Late-winter cleaning

This is another name for early Spring cleaning, but no matter what you call it, it will make you feel so good once your bathroom is sparkling and your kitchen in tip-top shape. Choose a room or two that you pay special attention to and strap on your apron to get to work. If you don’t already have a cleaning apron, we highly recommend this way of keeping your cleaning as efficient as possible. No more running around the house looking for your scraper or dust rag because they are right in your apron.

Remember to dust before you vacuum. This feather duster is one of our favorites and will just tickle you pink! You’ll love using it to clean all the surfaces, even those high up. Once you’re finished with the room, give it a once over with your vacuum. (We’ve got you covered there as well!)

One area which you might overlook is how your front door looks. This is the part of the house that you see multiple times a day as you run errands and grab the mail or head to and back from work. You’ll probably see a few cobwebs, so break out your flexible microfiber duster for easy removal of those. If you have a particularly grimy door, our Red Juice is guaranteed to do the trick to bringing it back to a smooth and shiny surface.

A New Houseplant

I treated myself to a new houseplant, which was the perfect final touch once I got my home nice and tidy. I have the opposite of a green thumb, so I usually go through about a houseplant each season. This one I have high hopes for—a nice gardenia plant that smells amazing. My local nursery gave me printed instructions about how much sun and water to give it, and I’ll do my best to keep it alive for as long as possible!

That’s it—the Valentine’s Day love story about how I fell in love with my home all over again. I hope you can rekindle your own romance with your home by following a few of these tips.

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