The 2018 Speed Cleaning Gift Guide

It’s the ho-ho-ho-lidays! Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers or that big ticket Christmas gift that will sweep your recipient off their feet, we’ve got you covered with our Speed Cleaning gift guide. Read on for great gift ideas to get everyone on your list.

Speed Cleaning gift ideas

Green cleaning kit. Know someone who could benefit from a healthy dose of eco-friendly cleaners? Grab a pail or a bucket and fill it with your favorite Speed Cleaning supplies, like Red Juice, microfiber cloths, and a flexible duster. You’ll help them have a safe, non-toxic home. Green (cleaning) and Red (Juice) are the colors of the season, after all!

Give the gift of cleaning. This is one gift idea you probably haven’t considered—how about giving your loved one the gift of a clean house? You can make your own “Good for one house cleaning” coupon to decorate and hand to them, and bring a smile to their face all over again when they redeem that for a clean house sometime in the new year.

Want to really “suck up” to someone? Think about gifting the Big Vac PRO this year! We are so pleased to be able to offer this extremely comfortable vacuum after years of research to find the best one on the market. It’s been engineered to reduce strain on your body to virtually nothing while you’re hoovering up dirt, dust, and lint from your floors.

Stocking stuffers

Our Speed Cleaning™ upholstery brush is the perfect gift for your dog-loving or cat-hugging friends and family. The brush does an amazing job removing pet hair and lint from upholstery and fabrics. Pet hair clings to the rubber bristles when they develop a static charge, and the bristles also pull out embedded hairs from the fabric.

Microfiber cloths do a great job filling up a stocking that lacks a little something. These can be used for so many cleaning tasks that it’s a bit exhausting to think about all the things you’ll use them on—from cleaning fingerprints, cabinets, TVs, mirrors, and even to soak up countertop, floor, or carpet spills quickly.

Our Speed Cleaning™ apron with tool kit is a best seller and can be easily rolled to fit into a stocking. It comes with the basic supplies (scraper, razor, toothbrush), but you can add any other item to the apron if it’s one of your secret ingredients for speedily cleaning (like scrub pads or a bottle of Red Juice).

We hope this takes some of the stress off trying to find that gift for someone who has everything. Happy gifting!

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