Wine stains solved with Red Juice

Get ready to raise a glass or two to National Wine Day on May 25. Whether you’re celebrating by drinking a bottle with a group of friends or using wine while cooking to boost the oomph in your sauce, you no longer have to be completely panicked if you spill a few drops of red on your carpet or tablecloth.

How to remove wine stains

A little backstory — before we started selling Speed Cleaning products, we used to own a wine store, so we feel almost overqualified to give this advice. There’s a product called Wine Away that doesn’t even come close to getting stains out as well as our very own Red Juice. No comparison, Red Juice works magic to get stains out of fabrics and surfaces like tablecloths, carpets, and pristine white shirts.

Red Juice moonlights as an amazing laundry pre-treatment and stain remover; its first job is usually to help keep your home clean as an eco-friendly all-purpose cleaner. Safe enough to clean kitchen countertops, it is made from all natural ingredients such as soybean extracts and seaweed.

Why not invite friends over for an impromptu wine tasting this National Wine Day? If anyone spills red wine on themselves, you can whip out your bottle of Red Juice to immediately whisk away the stain. You will be praised as a wonder-worker by your pals, and everyone loves to pass along a useful tip that actually works.

We’d love to hear your success story about using Red Juice to get wine stains out. Please leave us a comment below. (Or let us know how you plan to celebrate National Wine Day!)

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