Things You Need for Summertime Cleanup

By now you’re enjoying the long days of summer and the excitement of having friends and family over for outdoor parties and BBQs. This upcoming weekend is packed with fun things to do, like celebrating National Watermelon Day or International Beer Day. Both of these deliciously silly “holidays” could potentially involve a sticky trail of various messes in your kitchen or patio, so we thought it’s the perfect time to remind you of the magic of Red Juice, the all purpose cleaner that is pH-neutral, non-toxic, unscented, and completely biodegradable.

You might also consider getting a Sh-mop with a microfiber wet mop pad to quickly clean behind kids who engage in an impromptu watermelon seed spitting contest in your kitchen. The Sh-mop can also clean up sloshes from beer steins raised to toast International Beer Day. The wet mop pad add-on makes this versatile mop both a dry mop and a wet mop, perfect for any type of spill. Both the dry mop pad and the wet mop pad are washable, so you have a freshly laundered, germ-and bacteria-free mop each time you use it. Wash the pads hundreds of times!

No matter what spills you’re tackling with your summertime parties, we’ve got you covered. All of these products are eco-friendly and safe to use in the kitchen around food. No toxic chemicals here! So grab your beer mug and slosh away without fear of tackling the messy cleanup. You can even encourage your kids to hock those watermelon seeds, but maybe think about enlisting their help in returning your yard and floor to tip-top shape.


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