Getting your home ready for summer BBQs and parties

Summer is here, so it’s time to get your home ready for all those BBQs and backyard parties!


Make sure all that sunlight can stream into your windows. If you haven’t already tackled getting your windows clean, take a look at our guide to washing windows. These tips apply to both interior and exterior windows, and are a quick way to spruce up the look of your home before guests arrive.


For the backyard itself, make sure the grass is cut and your hedges are trimmed. Then sweep your patio and dust off any outdoor furniture you’ve had in storage or wipe it down if you’ve had it outside for a while. Grab a microfiber duster and clean off any dead bugs or cobwebs in the area where you and your guests will be hanging out. Any cushions should be cleaned as well before guests sit on them. You can use Red Juice to clean off any tough spots on tables or chairs.


While most of the relaxing will usually take place elsewhere, your kitchen will be the control center of the party. Follow our tips on speed cleaning your kitchen so it’s in tip-top shape for chopping up all the vegetables and prepping the meat for the grill.

Quick clutter control

Before your guests arrive, do a quick pass around the house and pick up any items that aren’t put away properly. It’s best to stay on top of this so that whenever you use something, it gets put back into its rightful place. If people are arriving soon, just sweep things into a laundry basket to deal with once they’re gone and drop the basket in your bedroom or somewhere out of sight.


You’ll want to give the bathroom a once-over as well. Wipe the mirror from top to bottom and clean as efficiently as possible. Check to be sure the toilet is sparkling and the sink is clean. Make sure that there are fresh towels for your guests to use to dry their hands and a new bar of soap or plenty of soap in the dispenser.

Rest of house

Give the entryway a quick vacuum, since that’s probably where the most dirt has accumulated. Slurp up quickly then cover other carpeted areas that might be seen.

Finally, get yourself a drink with fresh ice cubes and greet your guests! Happy summer!


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