The cleaning essentials for 2018

Remember that New Year’s resolution to keep your house cleaned? How’s that going? Are you still on top of tidying up the daily messes and maintaining a sparkling home? Don’t fret if you’ve slipped a little from your goal of being on top of the mess. We’re here to help you get back on track with a few suggestions and tools that will help you stay organized and clutter free.

First off, if you haven’t tackled the de-cluttering of your home, now is the time. One of our favorite rules is “A place for everything and everything in its place.” You need to get serious about where things live in your home. You’ve got to put things back after using them, or they become clutter. Finished reading the newspaper? It goes into the recycling pile. Take your coat off once you come inside? Make a habit of hanging things up as soon as you walk in the door.

Next up, we recommend that you streamline the number of cleaning products in your cleaning caddy or under your kitchen sink. Take a quick peek at the pile of things you have under there—if any of them look like they haven’t been touched in over a year, get rid of them. Your cleaning supplies should not overwhelm you, but should be pared down to the minimum that you need to get the job done.

So what are those essential cleaning items? If you get down to the minimum number of things to use to clean your home, you’re going to feel a lot less weighted down by lugging around unnecessary tools. Here is our list of things that you might not have thought about but that we consider to be essential cleaning tools:

  • A high quality feather duster. This ostrich-down feather duster is our favorite. At 18 inches, it has long luxurious feathers and a short handle that makes it easy for you to slip the duster into your apron or back pocket while cleaning.
  • A good scraper. You would not believe how helpful having a heavy-duty scraper can be. The one that we sell is made of tough, durable polystyrene so it won’t scratch surfaces. This apron tool kit has our scraper plus a razor blade holder and a professional “toothbrush” great for getting into tight spots around faucets and in tile grout.
  • Speaking of aprons, you do have a cleaning apron, right? This is a huge help for being efficient when you’re cleaning your home.
  • Have a mess under your kitchen sink? Get a caddy to organize it all. Our tray saves time by keeping supplies free from chaos between cleanings. Just grab the cleaning tray and you’ve got everything you need for any room in the house at your disposal.

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