3 ways to get rid of cobwebs and dust

Halloween is right around the corner, but even if you’ve decorated with fake cobwebs on the outside of your house, you’re not going to want real cobwebs anywhere inside your home. Here are three tips for getting rid of cobwebs and dust so you can make your house less spooky for Halloween.

First, the easiest tool to use to attack those hard to reach spots in the upper corner of your ceilings is our Extension Versa Pole. It has a really nice foam handle that makes it easy to hold and actually comfortable to use. It extends to 54” (4.5 feet) and is made of lightweight aluminum. With this pole, you’ll be swiping away cobwebs in no time.

Another extremely useful tool is our new flexible microfiber duster. This thing bends and shapes itself to whatever you’re trying to remove dust from. It’s perfect for big surfaces like tables and desks, but it makes cleaning fan blades, baseboards, window sills, and blinds super easy as well. Bonus feature: it easily attaches to the extension pole we recommend to reach those high areas.

Finally, you can’t go wrong with our ostrich-down feather duster! One quick note about using feather dusters: you need to be sure to use it properly. You don’t fling it and flip it around. Proper technique will allow you to move dust quickly from wherever it was to the floor where you can vacuum it away. If you don’t do this, you’ll just throw a lot of dust in the air. At the end of your dusting motion, bring your duster to a full stop. Don’t let the feathers flip in the air at the end of a stroke because this will toss all the dust into the air. By stopping, the dust will cling to the feathers. Then you can tap the duster against your ankle (in other words, close to the floor), to remove the dust and keep dusting. The goal is to get dust to settle on the floor where it waits to be vacuumed up.


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