This fan has loved our products for almost 30 years!

Under the sink MaryJane has tons of Speed Cleaning products!

We just loved this email we received from super-fan MaryJane, and had to share it. Look at all the fabulous Speed Cleaning products she’s got working for her!


Thanks so much for your help and the new link. It worked. I just finished downloading all 5 books — and got side-tracked reading some of each book. I’ve had Speed Cleaning and Spring Cleaning ever since they were first published. Now I’m looking forward to reading through the 3 books that are new to me. 


I’ve been using Clean Team products since I first read Speed Cleaning around 1988-90. The cleaning products are great and the cleaning tools I bought from Clean Team 20+ years ago are still in use and working just fine. 


Thought you might enjoy my picture of your products. It’s a shot of my under-sink kitchen cabinet. See below…


Thanks to Clean Team for dependable, good quality products. They make my housecleaning so much easier. 


Fiat lux,


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