Speed Cleaning Owner Raises $10,000 For Hurricane Harvey Victims

When Speed Cleaning co-owner Debbie Sardone heard how Houston-area cleaning businesses were struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, she turned to her husband Steve —the other Speed Cleaning owner— and said that she needed to figure out a way to help. Debbie coaches maid services around the world about how to become highly successful, many of whom are attending the January 2018 Speed Cleaning for the Pros conference.

As the rain dripped down their Dallas-Fort Worth area windows, Debbie leapt into action and put a call out to maid service owners. She would offer her most popular Cleaning Business Fundamentals training course at half price and donate all of the proceeds from the first six sold to Houston cleaning businesses to help them get back on their feet. The response was tremendous, and within a day she had raised $10,000. The money goes directly to Houston-based maid services to help with the cost of cleaning up their locations, buying replacements for damaged supplies, and keeping their business open while they recover from the disaster.

Debbie was excited about the response of business owners to help. “They loved being able to both help Houston colleagues and have a program that will transform their business,” she said.

Business owners from across the U.S. and Canada were thrilled to have this win-win opportunity to donate to hurricane victims while gaining invaluable consulting expertise from Debbie. “I am passionate about helping people improve their businesses, so it was a natural fit to find a way to help owners recover from the storm,” she said.

Debbie anticipates that several Houston cleaning business owners will join the January Speed Cleaning for the Pros conference. “They will learn how to train their employees to do the perfect maintenance clean, becoming more efficient without sacrificing any quality of service.”

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