Spring has sprung! Spring cleaning tips from Speed Cleaning Pros

Sunlight is lingering a little longer, illuminating all the dust in your home and giving you more daylight hours to tackle your cleaning tasks— that must mean it’s time for Spring Cleaning! These are tasks that need to be done once or twice a year, like cleaning windows, walls, rugs, etc. Our method of cleaning makes the job less frustrating and we’ll show you how to do these tasks the most efficient way possible.

These are the top things you can do to clean more quickly so that you can get outside and enjoy the flowering trees and soak up some sunshine.

  1. Make every move count. Everything you do should be with an eye toward efficiency. Work your way around a room once, carrying all your tools and supplies with you. A cleaning apron is a lifesaver in helping you cut down the time it takes to clean your home. Stop wasting energy by dashing willy-nilly around a room and start cleaning methodically around the room.
  2. Use the right tools. A cleaning apron to carry your tools is a must. Inside your apron, carry your supplies and equipment to get the job done right. The apron’s pockets allow you to stuff debris or wet sponges inside.
  3. Work from top to bottom. Don’t fight gravity, work with it! As you clean things high up, the dust and bits of grime will fall to the lower regions, so you don’t want to clean that area twice. Start at the top and work your way down.
  4. Don’t clean things that aren’t dirty. This might sound silly, but you’d be amazed how much time is wasted cleaning surfaces that weren’t dirty to begin with. Spot clean areas with your bottle of Red Juice to wipe away fingerprints and move on to the next surface.
  5. Clean surfaces before you rinse or wipe them. Another suggestion that sounds obvious, but it’s not. Don’t try to shortcut the process by rinsing or wiping a surface before it’s really clean. Learn how to “see through” the dirty you’re cleaning until you are really done so you only rinse or wipe once.
  6. Recognize if the tool you’re using isn’t working. Shift to a more heavy-duty cleaner or tool as the task requires instead of expending a lot more elbow grease.
  7. Repetition smooths your moves. All motor skills get perfected by practicing them over and over. So put your cleaning tools back in the same spot in your apron each time you use them. When you go to pull out your Red Juice, you don’t have to look for it, but your hand will instinctively know exactly where it is in the apron. This will increase your speed.
  8. Pay attention. When you work with full attention on your task, you’ll be working at the edge of your full abilities and this makes the work more fun. That’s right—cleaning can be fun if you’re paying close enough attention!
  9. Keep track of time. You will be encouraged by seeing how speedy you are by following these tips, and that will help speed you even further.
  10. Use both hands. Use any available resource you have and don’t leave any scrubbing or wiping capacity idle. Spray with one hand while you reach for the cloth in your apron with the other. Scrub with one hand while the other wipes up behind it.

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