The secret to efficient cleaning? The speed cleaning apron!

If you want to get the cleaning over with and move on to the more fun things in life, treat yourself to a cleaning apron. It allows you to carry cleaning supplies with you as you travel from room to room and eliminates all that back and forth scurrying that wastes so much time. Carpenters don’t run up and down a ladder every time they need a new nail, do they? They wear a tool belt to save time. The smart cleaner will wear something similar while cleaning.

The apron’s pockets and loops allow you to keep everything you need at your fingertips as you work your way around a room—without having to backtrack. Avoiding this backtracking is the single most important step for efficient, speedy housecleaning. For any specialized cleaning that you’re doing, you can add the appropriate tool or cleaning agent for the duration of that task.

It’s time to start valuing your time more. You can cut the time it takes you to clean your house by being more efficient and strapping on the apron. You can fill it with goodies like fresh cleaning cloths, your scrub pad, and a bottle of red juice and you’re on your way!

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