Top Tips For Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

We get questions all the time from readers who are curious about cleaning specific things in their home. In this edition of Let’s Talk Dirt, we cover a question we’ve received about cleaning kitchen cabinets.

A reader writes, “I have beautiful wood cabinets lining my kitchen walls that keep getting stickier and greasier as the years go by. Help! How do I clean these?

Once you reach the level of desperation of writing for help you know you’re ready to act. Here’s what you do: use a product like Furniture Feeder. It’s carnauba wax suspended in a solvent solution. The solvent removes the grease, fingerprints, and splattered food and drink particles. The carnauba wax protects, reinvigorates, and adds new shine to the underlying coating of the cabinets.

Since you’ve let it build up over years, you’re going to have to scrub a bit. Apply Furniture Feeder to the cabinets by pouring some on an old cleaning cloth. Start at the top and in one corner of the kitchen, wipe the cabinets in small areas at a time. Dip a toothbrush in Furniture Feeder to clean corners or other hard-to-get areas. Add generous amounts of Furniture Feeder to your cloth regularly. Wipe each area clean, dry, and shiny with a separate cleaning cloth, or use a polishing cloth to get a bit more shine.

This is a spring cleaning chore that comes up only once a year. To maintain the non-stickiness during the rest of the time, spot clean your cabinets with Red Juice.

While you’re cleaning the cabinets, you’ll probably notice that the hinges are filthy. Take your toothbrush tool and quickly scrub away gunk from the nooks and crannies that make a decorative cabinet hinge. Go ahead and clean all the hinges before you continue with the cabinets themselves. Grab some Red Juice and spray, agitating with the toothbrush, and wipe away with a cleaning cloth.

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  1. I saw this question right after I cleaned my kitchen cabinets. Mine were not real dirty as I wipe them down periodically. I was thrilled to see that on my own I did exactly as you suggested. Started at the top, used an old toothbrush for corners & hinges & used red juice.

    Red juice IS a miracle cleaner. I’ve been using it for decades. I LOVE IT for just about anything! I am CONSTANTLY refilling my original spray bottle.

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