What kind of mop should you use?

If you turn on the TV at any hour of the day, chances are that you’ll find yourself inundated with commercials for various types of miracle mops. I hope you don’t feel bad if you bought one, but I think they’re a waste of money. Probably not one of them is being sold because it represents a legitimate advance in the evolution of the mop but rather because some marketing company is out to make a buck (or a million bucks) if they can talk us into buying one.

So what should you use? A flat mop with a terry cloth cover is so much better. It’s genuinely faster and it doesn’t recycle dirty water back to the floor. It also reaches under appliances and into corners. Because the cloth covers are washable, it’s like a new mop every time you use it. We love this mop so much, we sell a version of it as Sh-Mop.

It’s seriously the best. It cleans in a fraction of the time that your standard string or sponge mops take. Our customers love it and our cleaning teams won’t live without it.

The Sh- Mop has a sturdy, extra-big, 8″ x 15″ plastic base with a very low profile that can pivot in any direction to allow you to quickly and easily clean into corners, along tough angles, and underneath tight spots. The base is covered with a replaceable 8″ x 15″ foam pad and a terry cloth cover slips over the frame.

The scrubbing and absorbing properties of a reusable terry cloth make short work of dirty floors. When the cloth gets dirty, just pop it into the laundry and pop on a fresh one. The Sh-Mop comes with 3 Replacement Terry Cloth Sh-Wipes to get you started.

You can use it on walls, windows, ceilings and cabinets. The large surface area of the mop will cover more territory than conventional mops, making the job go quicker. The terry cloth wipes are eco-friendly because you are re-using them after laundering, and best of all, there is no need for a bucket!

  1. so is this just a dust mop? I need to wet mop my floors.

    • You can use the Sh-Mop with Sh-Clean Floor Cleaner to wet mop floors.

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