How to get your home in shape for a Memorial Day party

Summer is almost here, can you believe it? You’re probably anxious to fire up the grill and greet Memorial Day with friends and family over a delicious barbeque meal. Here are some quick tips on speed cleaning your home so that it’s in tip-top shape for your guests.

  1. Clutter control. The easiest thing to do if you don’t have a lot of time before your guests arrive is to sweep through the house and gather up things that are out of place. Everything has a “home” and your family should be trained in where things live. Enlist help and have everyone tackle a specific room.
  2. Kitchen. This is going to be the most heavily-trafficked area of your house, so be sure it’s up to snuff at least when visitors get there. By the end of the day, it will be a war zone of spills and drips, but at least you can start out with a fresh slate by having a clean kitchen. Start from left to right, move from high to low, and work your way around the kitchen. Spray the countertop (we recommend Red Juice) so you’ve got a clean working surface for the meal preparation. Read more detailed instructions for the kitchen here.
  3. Bathroom. It’s a party, and you’re going to have hoards of people going in and out of the bathroom all day. Be sure everything is clean and in working order before the fun starts. We have extensive tips on cleaning the bathroom here.
  4. Have some extra time? Tackle the floors by doing a quick and efficient vacuum job. We want you to vacuum smarter, not harder. Lots of great advice in our tutorial here.
  5. Prepared days ahead of schedule? Well, aren’t you the go-getter! You might stop twiddling your thumbs and start cleaning your windows. Check out our comprehensive guide on how to clean windows efficiently.

That’s it! We wish you a safe and fun holiday. Come back for more tips on how to clean up after the party!

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