How to clean splattered grease from stove’s hood

You love cooking up a storm in your kitchen, but layer after layer of grease on your stove’s stainless steel hood is getting you down. Let’s tackle this problem together. Load up your apron with a few cleaning tools and off we go!

How to clean a stainless steel stove hood

Cooked-on grease calls for a grease cutter like Red Juice and a white pad. Since your hood is stainless steel, we recommend using a white pad because steel wool can scratch the finish of stainless steel. Scrub with a toothbrush as needed in the corners.  And for a finishing touch when the surface is all clean, create a beautiful luster with our amazing stainless steel cleaner.  It shines like no other cleaner we’ve ever found.

Keep this area from becoming a problem so quickly by keeping the filter clean and by wiping the hood inside and out when you do your weekly cleaning. So how do you keep the filter clean? Read on!

How to clean your stove’s exhaust filters

If the aluminum filter in the hood of your stove has never been cleaned, it’s probably a greasy mess. We’ve got a simple solution for you. Simply pop the filter into the dishwasher to clean it. You may have to run it through a couple of times, but eventually it will come clean. It pays to keep the filter clean because when it is (and when the fan is on) it will pull in a lot of grease that would otherwise accumulate on nearby surfaces. And those surfaces can’t simply be popped into the dishwasher for cleaning like you can with the filter. Another thing to consider is buying a replacement filter—you’d be surprised how cheap they are.

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