Kitchen cleaning tip: clean your refrigerator without removing everything



Last time, we covered the nitty gritty on how to clean your oven. You’ve had a few weeks to recover, and now you should be energized about tackling another big (and thankfully infrequent) cleaning task in the kitchen—cleaning the refrigerator! It’s a good idea to do this at least twice a year so that the repository of all your chilled groceries have a clean and safe home. If you spill something, don’t wait for the six month cleaning session to handle it—take a sponge to the sticky mess immediately.

Tools we recommend:

First up, defrost the freezer

The easiest way to clean the freezer is when it is at its emptiest point. Once the freezer is defrosted, pull out the ice-cube trays and proceed to clean. You don’t need to remove anything else from the freezer—just move items from the right to the left and then repeat. It may take three or more moves to work around your freezer items.

Moving on to the main event—the fridge

Start with the top shelf. Again, you don’t need to remove things, simply move them from right to left and repeat so you clean around them. Clean the racks with Red Juice and a sponge, then wipe dry with a cleaning cloth. Move to the next lower shelf, then lower, until you’re done.

Remove the drawers and bins so you can clean them inside and out. Once you remove them, you’ll get access to the area under the bottom drawers where water and ick can accumulate.

Door shelves can be cleaned by removing a few items, cleaning that space, then sliding things over to clean under where those things were. Pick up and wipe the bottom of each item as you put it back so it doesn’t leave a sticky mess on your newly cleaned shelves.


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