9 More Things to Clean With a Toothbrush

9 More Things to Clean With a ToothbrushLast year the cleaning experts at Speed Cleaning shared “11 Things You Can Do With a Toothbrush.” Great news!  We’ve got nine more tips on using a toothbrush to clean things around the house. Here we go:

  1. Clean your garbage can. There are generally bits and splashes of food in the can, on the lid, and down the sides, making the can stinky and unsightly. Spray and wipe the interior and exterior on a regular basis, and use a toothbrush along with the cleaner of your choice to get in the crevices and corners. The lid tends to build up the worst of the mess and it’s the most difficult to clean but a toothbrush makes it easier.

Tip:  Before putting a bag back in the clean can, lay a few layers of newspaper

in the bottom to absorb future leaks and make the next cleaning a little easier.

  1. Clean your shoes. Clean the crevices where the sole meets the upper portion of the shoe. Get rid of the dark marks left by the laces on canvas and some synthetic shoes by giving the tongue a good scrub with a toothbrush.
  2. Clean wall light switches. Brush away the grime from dirty fingers on light switches and pull out the dust that gets stuck where the plate meets the switch. A slightly damp toothbrush followed by a wipe with a cloth (microfiber is a great choice for this) or paper towel will remove all of that.
  3. Clean corn. Run a new, clean toothbrush down an ear of corn to remove any remaining strands of silk before cooking.
  4. Clean around appliance knobs, buttons, and nameplates with a toothbrush dipped in cleaner. Use a damp soft cloth to wipe away the loosened dirt.
  5. Clean your waffle iron. Use a new, clean toothbrush to clean in between the rows of a waffle iron and around the outer ring where batter can collect.
  6. Clean your comb. Styling products like hairspray and gels, not to mention our natural hair oil, can leave a buildup between the teeth of a comb. Clean between the teeth with a stiff toothbrush and alcohol or vinegar.
  7. Clean the vents of a hairdryer to help it perform better. As the dryer blows air out one end, it’s sucking in dust, hair, and lint along with air through a screen on the other end.
  8. Clean crevices in a drawer. Run a dry toothbrush along the seam where the side meets the drawer bottom to loosen and pull out any little bits of debris that just a cloth or even vacuum hose won’t pick up. Then wipe or vacuum the drawer out.

If you don’t already have a collection of new and used toothbrushes, maybe we’ve convinced you to start one. Speed Cleaning has a terrific Toothbrush 3-Pack meant just for cleaning, not for teeth. It’s really a mini scrub brush set at the perfect angle for cleaning. Order a set and get your collection started!

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