7 Uses for a Whisk Broom

Speed Cleaining - 7 Uses for a Whisk Broom

Whisk brooms have been around for about two hundred years. Designed by the Shakers as a smaller version of their flat broom design, the handy whisk broom is a staple cleaning tool in most homes because of its convenient size. If you don’t have a whisk broom among your cleaning tools, Speed Cleaning has 7 uses for that little broom that may prompt you to buy one.

  1. Sweep up small messes like crumbs on the floor and leaves on the doormat instead of taking the vacuum out. Super quick!
  2. Whisk debris out from under furniture cushions (give the bottom of the cushion itself a swipe while you’re at it) before vacuuming the floor.
  3. Clean up crumbs and messes in cabinets and the pantry such as cereal crumbs, sugar granules that escape the bottom of the bag, pet hair that floats in, etc.
  4. Keep a whisk broom in your car to brush the seats off after eating a drive-through meal or when the kiddos toss their crackers about. Whisk out debris tracked in on shoes, paws, luggage, and more.
  5. The slightly stiff bristles of a whisk broom are perfect for brushing dirt and dried, caked mud off shoes.
  6. The flat shape of a whisk broom is great for cleaning along the top edge of baseboards and where the flooring meets the baseboard.
  7. This is a fun tip: Add texture when painting a wall by lightly dragging a whisk broom over the slightly cured paint. There are numerous sources online with directions on how to properly use this technique, such as How to Create a Fabric Finish from Behr®.

Whisk brooms are made from either natural or synthetic fibers. Speed Cleaning’s whisk broom has poly bristles that won’t shed as you use it, and it’s washable. It fits in the Speed Cleaning apron pocket or you can just tuck it in your back pocket as you clean. Whisk brooms are one of those small, inexpensive cleaning tools that can be a big help!

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