How To Quickly Clean Outdoor Toys - How To Quickly Clean Outdoor ToysIt’s finally warm enough to break out the outdoor toys – the ones stored in the garage and in the way-back corner of the backyard shed that have been collecting dust and grime since last fall. Here are simple steps to make quick work of it so everyone can get down to having some outdoor fun. And why not get the kids involved while you’re at it?!

♦  Gather all of the toys that will definitely be used over the next six months and even those that have been outgrown but are in good condition and can be donated or sold at a garage sale. Dispose of broken toys, putting any recyclable parts in the recycling bin.

♦  Clear a space on the driveway or lawn to lay the clean toys out to dry.

♦  Fill a large tub or bucket with a little squirt of dish soap and keep a scrub brush and the garden hose handy. If you’ve got enough buckets, let  everyone have their own.

♦  Give everyone a rag and dig in, using the scrub brush where you need more cleaning power. Clean the toys you know you’re going to donate or sell, too.

Tip: Slip on a mitt like Speed Cleaning’s Microfiber Dusting Mitt to

make this cleaning task even easier. Despite the name, it’s not just for dusting!

♦  For stubborn dirt, spray the area with an eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaner like Red Juice. Red Juice is a safe unscented grease-cutting cleaner that packs a punch – gentle to the user, gentle to the environment, tough on grime. This would be a great choice for cleaning up bicycles because of the greasy areas around the chain and tire spokes.

♦  Rinse the toys with the hose and lay out to dry.

♦  Grab some popsicles and declare winter officially over.

Speed Cleaning wishes everyone a fun and safe –  and clean, of course! –  warm-weather season!

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