Clean These 10 Outdoor Things with an Eraser Sponge

Speed-Cleaning- Clean these 10 outdoor things with an eraser spongeLast week we shared ways to safely clean outdoor furniture. We continue the “Hello, spring!” outdoor feeling by sharing another tip for cleaning patio furniture as well as other outdoor items around your house. Grab one of those amazing white eraser sponges and head outside!

1.  Marks on patio furniture, especially plastic pieces. Eraser sponges even work on some outdoor fabric cushions.

2.  Grease and grime around an outdoor kitchen.

3.  Use on many interior and exterior surfaces of your boat, RV, and car, including marks from unlucky bugs on the windshield and shoe scuffs from getting in and out.

⇒Tip: Have your jeans left a blue hue on your light-colored leather seats? Very gently wipe the color off with a damp eraser sponge followed by a clean damp cloth, then wipe with another cloth to dry.⇐

4.  Clean scuffs and grime from siding, window frames, and door frames, even painted surfaces if you use a light hand. Don’t forget to give the door hardware a gentle wipe as well.

5.  Outdoor light fixtures.

6.  Take an eraser sponge into the pool with you on a regular basis and give the tile line a swipe. This is a super-fast and easy way to keep water-line scale at bay.

7.  Plastic coolers, inside and out. An eraser sponge does a great job on the pebbled texture that so many coolers have on the outside, especially the white lids.

8.  Lawn ornaments, flower pots, and bird baths.

9.  Remove grass stains from shoes, especially from the white rubber parts such as the sides of the soles. (Okay, shoes might not fit into the same “outdoor item” category as the rest of this list but we’re thinking about the grass stains part.♥)

10.  Bikes, ride-on toys, and yard toys.

Check out Speed Cleaning’s Speed Erasers. They’re non-toxic with a heavy-duty design. Consider getting a handle, too. The handle allows the eraser to wear out more evenly, and it can make your cleaning task even easier. Who doesn’t love that? You’ll be ready to say, “Bring it on, spring!”

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