1 Tip to Maximize Your Time When Cleaning House

Speed Cleaning | One Tip to Maximize Your Time When Cleaning House

We won’t drag out the suspense:  wear a cleaning apron. “That’s it?” you ask. “That’s your one tip?” Yes, and read on to see why this one time-saving cleaning tip is worthy of its own post.

  • Wearing an apron that has several small and large pockets and a couple of loops enables you to carry your cleaning tools and sprays around with you rather than going back and forth to a cabinet or moving a caddy from spot to spot.
  • Once you fill the apron with your favorite tools and cleaners and have their location memorized, you can easily grab what you need without even looking. You can be a cleaning machine!
  • Both your hands are free to work because you’re not holding anything, yet what you need is right at your fingertips.
  • Your apron protects your clothes underneath.

Some people who choose to wear an apron while cleaning also carry a caddy from room to room with cleaning tools and products they don’t want to put in their apron.

For example, you may want to only put your cleaning tools like brushes, a scraper, scrubbers, and cloths in your apron pockets and put all your favorite cleaners in a caddy. Say you’re ready to clean the bathroom:  Grab your bottles of Speed Cleaning’s Red Juice and Pro Scrub from the caddy, tuck them in your apron, and you’re ready to go thanks to all the tools you already have in your pockets.

Wearing an apron with pockets is a standard for cleaning professionals and, needless to say, they know what they’re doing and how to do it quickly. Check out how to outfit your apron like a pro in Speed Cleaning’s “Three Essentials for Your Clean Team Apron.” Whether you go with Speed Cleaning’s high-quality, tried-and-true Cleaning Apron or choose a different one, you too can be a cleaning machine!

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