Our Nonprofit Featured On Today.com


Extra! Extra!  Read all about it!  Speed Cleaning President Debbie Sardone is on the front page of Today.com.  The interview is about her nonprofit Cleaning For A Reason, which was started in 2006 with a mission to provide free housecleaning services to women who are battling cancer.

“My whole world is about cleaning. If there’s dust or a toilet, my name might be on it,” she said with a laugh. “I understand the needs of cleaning and how difficult it is. And I understand how good it makes you feel when you have a clean house.”  Sardone said the number one need of her organization is for more cleaning services to join the program and get involved.  There are thousands of cleaning services but millions of women with cancer.

Since 2006 they’ve helped over 19,000 women with cancer receive over 5.5 million dollars in free services.  Both Speed Cleaning owners, Debbie and Steve Sardone serve on the Board of Directors of the nonprofit and are actively involved in growing and promoting their cause. Read the full article……

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