5 Uses for Salt – A Handy Green Cleaner From Your Pantry

Speed Cleaning's 5 Uses for Salt

Man has used salt, a naturally occurring compound, for at least 8,000 years. Its importance has touched almost every aspect of the world’s history, from religion to pharmacology to economics. But let’s take a much simpler look at how you can use salt in your own little world – your home. Speed Cleaning has put together a sample of the numerous uses for regular table salt, a wonderful green cleaner.

  1. Remove white marks left by hot or moist items on wood furniture – Mix salt and olive oil into a paste, apply it to the mark and let it sit for an hour, then wipe clean.
  2. Remove mildew or rust stains – Mix salt and buttermilk or lemon juice into a paste, rub it on the spots, place the item in the sun, and then launder or clean as usual. Another option is to keep Stain Gobbler, a green cleaner by Speed Cleaning, around for removing these organic stains.
  3. Set the color in fabric prior to laundering to greatly reduce fading and color bleed – Mix ½ cup salt per ½ gallon of cool water in a small tub or container; soak the garment or item for an hour before laundering.
  4. Polish silver and brass – Mix equal parts salt and flour, then add vinegar to make a paste; polish with a soft cloth, rinse and dry. If there is only a light tarnish, a rub with plain salt before washing may be all that’s needed.
  5. Remove wine stains from fabric and carpet – If you don’t have Speed Cleaning’s Stain Assassin on hand, try this cleaning tip: blot up as much wine as possible first, then generously cover the area with salt; wait about 15 minutes so the salt can absorb the remaining wine, then launder the fabric with cool water or vacuum the carpet using an attachment rather than the brush roll to directly lift the salt.

Using salt is an inexpensive, green way to clean many things around the house. We hope you’ll give it a try, and share with us your tips for using salt around the house as well!

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