5 Tools to Clean Your Pool Tile

Speed Cleaning | 5 Tools to Clean Your Pool Tile

Do your swimming pool tiles need a mid-summer cleaning? Speed Cleaning has you covered – gather these tools and hop in the pool. It’s time to bring back that shine!

First put the following items on a tray that you can move along the edge of the pool as you clean, or find something that floats to hold them. For example, a Styrofoam cooler top or a Frisbee would work.

  1. A spray tile cleaner that’s safe for your pool water. There are several to choose from at pool supply stores or you can dilute some muriatic acid with water in a spray bottle (not our top pick – it’s dangerous!). Speed Cleaning’s Scum Bum, which is safe to use on pool tile, works great to remove calcium at the water line and it will even break down thick calcium buildup.
  2. A scraper to help remove thick calcium buildup as you soften it with your tile cleaner of choice. We like plastic scrapers because they don’t scratch.
  3. A pumice stick works well to rub off that last bit of calcium that a scraper can’t get under. While it’s generally safe to use a pumice stick on tile, always test on an inconspicuous area of your tile first. You can find pumice sticks at pool stores, home improvement stores, or in the Speed Cleaning catalog.
  4. A scrubbing pad will work well to do a general scrub-down of the tile above and below the water line. Use one that has a handle for even scrubbing power, like this one. The handle also makes it easier to hold.
  5. Add a small stiff brush to your cleaning tool kit to use on the grout and tight spots like where the top of the tile meets the coping. Speed Cleaning’s Mini Grout Brush has an angled head and comfortable grip handle to help get the job done.

As with any other cleaning task, the longer you wait to tackle it, the more work it is to accomplish. Cleaning your pool tiles at the start of swimming season and then one or two more times before the season ends will keep them looking great and make each cleaning easier.

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  1. I have a really bad calcium build up in my pool. I don’t know how I even let it get this bad. I need to get a pumice stone so I can clean the pool a little more regular. The calcium build up is so bad I need to have a pro come and take care of it for me.

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