Prepare your home for a fresh new year

Image courtesy the book, Clutter Control, by Jeff Campbell of the Clean Team

You might have read our top three rules for decluttering with interest but weren’t able to actually get to them because of the nonstop nature of the holiday. Well this is the perfect time, the lull between Christmas and New Year, to set your home straight and to make progress in decluttering. One of the best parts of starting a new calendar year is the feeling that it’s a fresh start. You can enhance that feeling by giving your home a fresh start as well.


The first step is always the hardest—getting started. We’re here to help with a few tips on how to dive right in. (For a complete set of useful advice, check out the Clutter Control ebook here.)

1- Do it alone. It’s easier to attack your clutter when you don’t have a bunch of voices weighing in on the pros and cons of keeping or losing something. Make your own decisions and stick with them. Find a time when you’re by yourself and then grab some trash bags and get started.

2 – Start early. The job of decluttering your home or even just your closet can be time consuming. You’ll want to get a jump on the job by starting as early as possible to get as much done without interruption as possible. You’ll also have more energy to tackle this project if you do it first thing in the morning.

3- Make piles. No matter if you’re starting with a room or a closet or the garage, the way to begin is to pick a spot and start sorting things into piles. You’ll probably end up with several different piles:

  • Things to throw away
  • Things to donate to charity or sell
  • Things that belong somewhere else in the house
  • Things you’ve borrowed from someone
  • Things that need to be repaired, mended, or altered
  • Things you’re not sure what to do with yet

These three tips should help you make the first step to tackling that closet bulging with unwanted items, or the garage where you can’t actually park your car anymore, or the room that was supposed to be a guest room but now it’s just a storage area. Take a deep breath… and begin! If you need more help getting started, check out the Clutter Control book here.

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