3 rules for clutter management before the holidays

Image courtesy the book, Clutter Control, by Jeff Campbell of the Clean Team

In less than two weeks your home will be ground zero for ripped packages, piles of discarded wrapping paper, empty boxes, and—worst of all—more stuff that you don’t need! Where are you going to put it all? It’s essential in the few hours you have leading up to the chaos of the holidays that you clear your home as much as possible.

We’re sharing the top three rules for decluttering as an early holiday gift to you. If you follow even one of these rules, then you’ll find your home a much less cluttered spot to get cozy with family and friends. Get the full list of rules here.

Rule 1 – When in doubt, THROW IT OUT!

That’s right, no matter how misty-eyed you get about the moth-eaten sweater that shrunk beyond wearing ten years ago, you’ve got to take hold of yourself and put it on the discard pile. You must be relentless and ruthless as you sort through clothes and other items to determine what stays and what goes.

Rule 2 – Use it or lose it!

Hand in hand with Rule #1, we suggest that if something isn’t being used, you can safely get rid of it. Our rule of thumb is to allow for one year of disuse, and then to donate the item. If you haven’t worn that dress in a year, chances are you’re not going to ever again. Those roller blades that have been sitting on the bottom of your closet with your best intentions to learn how to skate? Toss them. The kit you were going to use to learn how to make cheese that’s gathering dust? Donate it to someone who will actually put it to use.

Rule 3 – A place for everything and everything in its place.

Now that you’ve pared down your belongings to a manageable level, it’s time to get serious about where things live. You’ve got to put things back after using them, or they become clutter. Finished reading the newspaper? It goes into the recycling pile. Take your coat off once you come inside? Instead of dropping it on the nearest chair, make a habit of hanging things up in their “home” as soon as you’re done with them. You’ll find that your house is much less messy when things are returned back to where they belong.

These three rules should get you started. For a complete set of useful advice, check out the Clutter Control ebook here. Happy decluttering!



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