10 Not-So-Obvious Places to Use Your Vacuum

Speed Cleaning | 10 Places to Use Your Vacuum Other Than Your Floor

What would we do without our vacuum cleaners? Speed Cleaning shares these tips on where you can use this great cleaning tool besides your floor.

Use the Crevice tool:

  1. In your (cool) oven, suck up crumbs that accumulate in the space where the door meets the inside of the oven, and also the oven floor.
  2. Under your cooktop cover, the graveyard for lost pasta and peas.
  3. Clean under, around, and inside your fridge, particularly under the bottom drawer or shelf (which can get amazingly gross).
  4. Your dryer lint screen and where the screen slides in if possible.

Use the Dust Brush:

  1. Glass light fixtures, windows, and mirrors before using a wet cloth.
  2. Vacuum comforters and bedspreads between washings to keep up with pet fur.
  3. Vacuum windowsills and the area between the sill and the screen, especially in the spring when you first open your windows. Grab that pollen and those dead insects before it all blows in with the first gentle breeze.
  4. Vacuum the tops of displayed books. This will do a better job than a duster or dust cloth.
  5. The steam in a bathroom makes dust stick even after the room has aired out. Vacuum everything you’re going to wipe down before doing so.
  6. Lampshades, which quietly collect a ridiculous layer of dust.

Wait – here’s another one: Last but not least, with or without an attachment, your vacuum is fantastic for catching bugs! Are we right??? Check out SpeedCleaning.com for choices in quality vacuum cleaners and attachments that the cleaning pros use. You can also read up on the endless choices in vacuums in a previous blog post.

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  1. I have never used my vacuum to help clean my oven before. However, a lot of crumbs to accumulate in the nooks and crannies around it, and so I see how that would be a good idea. Yet, I will definitely make sure to empty the vacuum out afterwards so that mold doesn’t set in from the pieces of food.

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