Speed Cleaning’s Speed Eraser: What exactly is this stuff?

For the very few out there who haven’t yet tried cleaning with a foam erasing sponge, you are most definitely missing out on something. But where did this product come from? Here are some quick facts:

→ Speed Cleaning’s Speed Eraser is made from melamine resin foam manufactured in Germany.SpeedCleaning.com Speed Eraser

→ Melamine resin becomes almost as hard as glass when it cures; the resin is “foamed” to form open cells which render it similar to supple, super-fine sandpaper. The cells capture dirt and hold on to it.

→ The versatile, light-weight, flame-resistant material was initially developed over 20 years ago and was first used for soundproofing and insulation in the construction, auto, aviation, and aerospace industries. Today’s applications have expanded to include cleaning products such as the Speed Eraser.

What we’ve often wondered is how the product’s amazing cleaning ability was discovered. Really – how do you go from using a product to protect a satellite-launching rocket from potentially destructive sound pressure during lift off to effortlessly removing soap scum from a bath tub? Admittedly not one of the more important questions in life but curious nonetheless. Maybe it was totally by accident.

Play Doh CC license no attribution requiredMore accidental discoveries

Actually, a lot of things have been discovered by accident, that is, in the process of trying to develop something else. For example, Play-Doh was created in 1955 by chemist Joe McVicker while trying to create a cleaner for wallpaper. It originally only came in an off-white color packaged in a 1.5 lb. cardboard can. Close your eyes – you can smell it, right? And in case you’re really nostalgic for that aroma, there’s a Play-Doh cologne on the market. Check out Demeter Fragrance Library online. They also have scents such as grass, dirt, laundromat, etc. Brings to mind the wise words, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

Another example of an accidental discovery is the microwave oven. In some cases, the innovation was there for all to see but it took the right person to put it to use. The low-tack adhesive on the Post-it Note® is an example of this as well as the Slinky® and Silly Putty.

So don’t discover that you accidentally forgot to order Speed Cleaning’s Speed Erasers! (weak segue there) You can purchase the Speed Eraser at SpeedCleaning.com. You should definitely include foam erasing sponges in your cleaning kit to quickly remove dirt from a variety of surfaces with just water – no chemicals needed. You’ll be amazed!

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