It’s Spring Cleaning Time – Part 1 It's Spring Cleaning Time Part 1What constitutes “spring cleaning” is different from one person to the next. In general, this once-a-year task covers the big stuff – floors and baseboards, walls, windows and window treatments, ceiling fans, area rugs and carpets, underneath heavy furniture pieces and appliances – you get the picture.

It’s also a great time to do some serious decluttering. We mean serious decluttering in drawers, closets, cabinets, and so on, not just clearing off the dining room table because you’ll need it at Easter in three weeks. You may even want to take an entire day for this. Look everywhere and make some hard choices on what you really don’t need to keep. The Huffington Post has a great (and rather entertaining!) spring cleaning list of items that will exemplify what we mean by really decluttering. For example:

  1. The shunned mugs, bowls, plates and cups in the waaay back of the cabinet.
  2. Almost-empty alcohol bottles that have remained untouched since the wedding of ’89.

Getting back to “the big stuff”, it’s recommended to clean from the top down, so today we’ll tackle ceiling fans. Cleaning expert Debbie Sardone recently shared thisdebbie_sardone tip on Good Morning Texas, seen on local ABC affiliate WFAA Channel 8:

Slip an old pillow case over the fan blade all the way to the base and, using the flat of your hand on the outside edge of the case, dust the top surface of the blade as you push the case to the end of the blade. The dust will fall into the pillow case instead of onto whatever is below. Clever, right? Dust the base as well. Then go back and clean each blade and the base with a damp cloth such as’s microfiber dusting and cleaning cloths lightly misted with Red Juice.

 See this and additional spring cleaning tips that Debbie shared in the “Get a Jump on Spring Cleaning!” segment at And check back with us next week for Part 2 of “It’s Spring Cleaning Time”.

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