Personal Protective Equipment When Cleaning

Speed Cleaning has you covered

When cleaning house, do you make it a habit to wear gloves? Or protective eyewear? How about knee pads? The daily maintenance chores probably don’t require it, but when it comes time to do a deep clean, you should really consider wearing some protective equipment.Nitril Gloves

First let’s talk about protective gloves. Even when you’re exclusively using green cleaning solutions, your hands should be protected if for no other reason than the drying effects that frequently wet hands and hand washing have on skin, especially in winter. And if you have a manicure, why not add that layer of protection? While latex gloves are an acceptable choice, nitrile gloves offer superior protection against more types of chemicals and don’t cause or trigger latex allergies. offers a long-cuffed nitrile glove that’s heavy-duty yet maintains good tactile sense.

Protective eyewear is important to safeguard against splash back when spraying cleaning chemicals. And is it even possible to dust a ceiling fan from below and not get showered in dust? (Actually, it is. We tell you how in It’s Spring Cleaning Time – Part 1.) You can find inexpensive safety eyewear at most discount and home improvement stores.

Woman kneeling washing floor bucket glovesKnee pads make a huge difference in comfort when you’re cleaning baseboards, washing lower cabinets, gardening – really any task that requires kneeling. It’s much more convenient to put a pair of knee pads on and go from spot to spot rather than have to move some kind of cushion around with you. For those of you who have to kneel frequently or for long periods of time, you can develop a condition called housemaid’s knee, which is inflammation of the bursa between the skin and the knee cap. Using knee pads can help prevent this painful condition. Back pain can be a result of adjusting one’s walk or gait due to pain in the knees, another good reason to include knee pads in your household cleaning kit. Check out Speed Cleaning’s neoprene knee pads, the type that cleaning professionals use, at

Keep safe and carry on! Speed Cleaning has you covered.

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