Glitter Be Gone! Take Back Your Home

SpeedCleaning.comExperiencing the post-holidays/pre-spring cleaning blahs? You know, you stand in the middle of the room and spot the holly candle ring that didn’t make it into the bin with the rest of the holiday decorations, the sparkle of glitter still clinging to the upholstery after flying off of the wrapping paper that seemed so pretty and festive when you bought it, the basket that once held twenty-seven miniature boxes of twenty-seven flavors of crackers from around the world, and so on. If this sounds familiar, you need to take action. It’s a little early for a deep spring cleaning, but it’s probably time for a moderate cleaning effort to take back your home after the holidays. Add these tasks to your usual cleaning routine next time to give your home that little extra boost of freshness:

Declutter Go through your home room by room and put things away that don’t get used at least once a day, and not a hint of the holidays should remain. This alone goes a long way in making your home not only easier to clean but also look a whole lot better. Get the family involved by setting a deadline for everyone to pick up their stuff, cautioning that whatever is overlooked “may never be seen again.” Perhaps shake open a large garbage bag while you announce this to drive the point home.

Gather your supplies Put all your cleaning products in a caddy or bucket so that you have them at your fingertips as you go room by room. Make sure your vacuum cleaner has a fresh bag or that the dirt cup is empty.

Get down to business Stay on task and don’t get distracted. As you may have already realized, establishing a pattern generally speeds up your cleaning process.

  • Kitchen – Clean out the refrigerator and pantry. Tip: mark the date that you open a food product on the package with a permanent marker to cut down on waste in the future. Everyone loves a good mystery but not in their food safety. Wipe down cabinet and drawer handles, appliance handles, light switches – just the surfaces most often touched. Remember, this is not deep-down spring cleaning. Move everything off the counter and wipe the surfaces down. Red Juice is a great environmentally friendly cleaner for all of this and can be found at
  • Bathroom – Wash all of the decorative towels, toss the half-used decorative soap and wipe out the soap dish. Clean around the faucet and handles (a toothbrush is perfect for this). Check the ceiling and corners for dust webs.
  • Bedrooms and main living areas – Wash all the bed linens including bed skirts and spreads, duvet covers, and comforters. Clean the mirrors, check for dust webs, and wipe down the window sills and door knobs. Vacuum furniture cushions (and underneath them) and also along the base boards with the crevice tool and brush attachment.
  • Entryway – Again, vacuum along the baseboards and check for dust webs lurking overhead. Dust railings and balusters quickly and easily with a Flexible Microfiber Duster. This duster is great for all your dusting, including blinds, and can be shaped and bent to meet your needs.

Now go forth and take back your home!

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