From Your Pet to Your Patio: The Unsung Upholstery Brush

While our Speed Clean Upholstery Brush is super durable and will last for several years, consider ordering more than one. Check out all the uses for this underestimated product:

We’ll start with the obvious – it does a fantastic job removing pet hair from fabrics and upholstery. The rubber bristles actually pull the hair out even when it’s embedded in the fabric fibers, and then the static charge that’s created by the friction holds onto the hair until you clean it off the Upholstery Brush

Grooming your pet – the soft, flexible bristles won’t scratch your pet’s skin and actually have a massaging effect. Plus the static charge will remove loose fur and hang onto it. Use at bath time too.

Scrubbing chores – from patio furniture to floors to your car bumper, the thermoplastic rubber material won’t scratch surfaces and can be used with most any cleaning solution.

Sweeping up fine silt and sand – use this brush instead of a whisk broom or nylon-bristle brush on hard surfaces inside and out to more thoroughly collect fine particles; the flexible bristles work great on uneven surfaces like aggregate concrete, reaching into grooves and crevices. Really, you have to try it!

Additional uses include car upholstery, stairs, window seals, base boards, and even on shoes.

See??? This is why you need more than one Upholstery Brush from!

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