Pet Owners: Cleanup products to have in your arsenal

We love our pets but they can make a mess!So Rover left you a little present on the family room carpet again, did he? You got this! Slip some rubber gloves on and grab your “Clean Up After Rover” kit. You can make that mess disappear in no time when you have the right cleaning supplies on hand.

Here’s a list of suggested cleaning products and tools to stock your kit with. But to eliminate cross-contamination of bacteria from pet waste to your other cleaning supplies, recommends you put together a pet cleanup kit that’s separate from your regular house cleaning supplies caddy or whatever carry-all you use.

Plastic bags to use for picking up waste, just as you would while out on a walk.

Paper towels or rags ready for the garbage bin.

Plastic scraper to loosen dried matter; will work on hard floor surfaces without scratching or carpet; you can find a handy 3-pack of scrapers at

Stiff-bristled brush for working in your cleaning product.

Enzymatic cleaner to neutralize waste matter acids and eliminate the proteins and starches (eww, too much detail!); a stain and odor may come back and your pet may revisit the same spot too if the waste matter isn’t treated properly; an enzymatic cleaner must be used before tackling the stain itself if discoloration still remains, otherwise the odor and stain will be locked in to the surface. There are numerous enzymatic cleaners available, such as Anti-Icky-Poo. No idea how well it works – we just like the name!

Stain remover, such as’s Stain Assassin, for eliminating any discoloration that remains after using the enzymatic cleaner; Stain Assassin can be used on carpet, upholstery, most hard surfaces, and in the laundry.

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